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Amir & Associates CPAs Expand In Los Angeles With Office Design Studio

Amir & Associates CPA, Inc. is a full-service accounting firm providing services to clients throughout the Los Angeles area and is headquartered in Torrance. They specialize in providing accounting services to small businesses and individuals and believe they can make a difference for the little guy by providing them with worry-free accounting services utilizing the latest technology available in the field.

The company has been humming along nicely for the past fourteen years, growing its client base incrementally year by year until company leadership recognized that it simply didn’t have the capacity to keep up the current rate of growth. The company needed to expand its roster of CPAs, and to do that it needed to significantly increase the amount of desking space available in the company headquarters.

With recruiting going at a furious pace, Amir & Associates needed a quick turnaround time on the new office furniture, but there was one problem – the supply chain crunch of 2021 was in full swing, meaning most suppliers had extended delivery dates. Looking for a company that could both ship quickly and provide the needed services, executives got in contact with Creative Office Design to help design and install the proper desking and cubicle solutions their office needed to accommodate the newcomers.

The installation team immediately began taking measurements in the office and analyzing the building’s blueprints while the design team met with Amir & Associates’ leadership to determine what system would work best for the company’s needs. After a brief discussion, it was decided that ODS’s Crossroads Blend, in conjunction with their XBench System, would fit the accounting firm just right.

The Crossroads Blend line of office cubicles provides a more open office environment while still allowing for a distraction-free workspace with low-profile paneling that provides electrical, voice, and data lines for the modern workplace. Providing a complementary desking solution, the XBench system provides employees with an adjustable height workspace that allows them to utilize their workstations in both standing and sitting positions.


Utilizing the measurements provided by the installation team, the design team created a floor plan that would best utilize the available space while providing a comfortable working environment. With the new plan in hand, the installation team was able to pull the quick ship line within the week and start the installation process. 

Thanks to Creative’s long-term planning, the company was able to equip Amir & Associates with their new desking solutions in a matter of weeks rather than the months needed by other companies. The company’s leadership expressed their appreciation for the high quality of the new furniture and were delighted with how simple and quick the acquisition process was.

If your organization is preparing to move, consolidate its departments, or just want a fresh new look for its current location, Creative Office Design will work with you to create a custom-fit solution that works with your needs, wants, and restraints. Call today!

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