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Biomedical Expansion With Novo

The common refrain since the Covid-19 pandemic began ramping up in the United States was the need for consistent testing. If you experienced symptoms of the disease, were in contact with someone who later discovered they had the disease, or if you just were wondering if you contracted it in passing, you were encouraged to take a test and isolate yourself to reduce the spread of the novel disease.

This meant that tests needed to be synthesized and produced in the hundreds of millions, if not billions, to accommodate the world’s population. In the United States alone, by January 13, 2022 there have been 753 million Covid tests performed with no signs of slowing.

With so many people vying to get their hands on a testing kit, the government began contracting biomedical companies to start mass production of the various types of tests. One such company, Phase Scientific, experienced such explosive growth that they quickly outgrew their previous office arrangements and needed new accommodations for their rapidly expanding roster of employees.

To help out with the expansion they called on local office equipment supplier Creative Office Design. Phase Scientific had quite a few employees to house and not a large amount of space, so the company would need to utilize a combination of collaborative benching and traditional cubicles to accommodate both current and future employees.

With the supply crunch in full swing, most companies would have been stuck waiting up to six months for the new furniture to be delivered. Luckily, the operators of Creative had seen the warning signs and had made sure to stock quickship options, including the Friant Novo system, for just such a situation.

The office space consisted mainly of one, large open space, so for the most part, Creative utilized the Novo’s collaborative benches to section off the open space into three separate rows of seating. Each row could house roughly 8 employees and utilized a navy blue sectional divider to add a splash of color for the office.

For safety purposes as well as aesthetics, each sectional divider was topped by a frosted translucent acrylic panel. Furnishings included the benches themselves, utilizing a brushed grey laminate tabletop and powder coated steel for both the table legs and cabinetry.

For the employees that required a bit more privacy and focus for their work, Creative placed traditional individual cubicles along the periphery of the office space. Each cubicle utilized a grey fabric for the sectional, a silver-grey accent color for the metal accents and under-desk cabinet, and white for the overhead cabinetry.

With such limited space, you need to get creative with the furnishings in order to house as many employees as possible comfortably, which happens to be a specialty of Creative Office Design. With the work completed, Phase Scientific now had the materials it needed to continue its upward momentum for the foreseeable future, providing tests for governments and organizations around the world and helping reduce the painful shortages for diagnostics required by travelers and office workers.

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