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City of Long Beach Consolidates With Ethospace Cubicles

Consolidations are old hat in the private space – businesses merge with one another and departments all the time to save money and streamline the strategic pipeline of the company. This process also extends to local governments, as elections and changes in economic conditions cause shifts in budgets and priorities.

The City of Long Beach was in the process of one such departmental consolidation when it was determined that its management associate program would be receiving new equipment as it transitioned to its new headquarters elsewhere on campus. A part of the equipment upgrade included furniture and desking upgrades, which needed to match the modern contemporary aesthetic of the new building.

Some of the major factors that needed to be taken into consideration when selecting the pieces making up the upgraded seating arrangements were a reduced environmental cost and a modest budget. The city also needed help designing the interior of the new space to best accommodate the growing number of occupants and facilitate in-office communications.

The city turned to Creative Office Design to assist in equipment selection and the top-rated interior office design services. After combing through Creative’s catalog of new and used cubicles a

nd furniture, it was determined that the Herman Miller Ethospace cubicle model would best fit their office aesthetic, and by buying used, it would fit both their need for environmental impact reduction and budgetary constraints.

Herman Miller has been at the forefront of office furniture design since the company was started back in 1905, and the Ethospace system is a continuation of that proud tradition. Modular and highly upgradeable, the system is designed to resist the pull of ephemeral fashion trends with a timeless, clean, and modern look. With each iteration, the Ethospace line has kept up with emerging technological trends in order to meet the needs of modern offices and workers, which made it a perfect fit for LBC’s management associate program’s new base of operations.

With the furniture set selected, Creative’s team of interior designers began taking measurements of the space’s interiors. The team would use the blueprints created from their measurements and create a series of interior plans with different arrangements using the dimensions of the desired Ethospace pieces until they arrived at a design that could hold the appropriate number of workers while maintaining optimal flexibility and usability for the space.

Once the plans were in place and agreed on by the city, Creative’s implementation team drew out the locations for an efficient installation. Thanks to the quick turnaround time afforded by the selection of used furniture sets, the installation team was able to have the new office equipment set up and ready for use within a few short weeks of the order being placed.

With the office space now equipped, the department consolidation and move were able to move ahead on schedule, much to the delight and satisfaction of the city managers in Long Beach. If your organization is preparing to move, consolidate its departments, or just want a fresh new look for its current location, Creative Office Design will work with you to create a custom-fit solution that works with your needs, wants, and restraints. Call today!

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