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Creating The Ideal Open Office Plan With The ODS X-Bench System

While the open office plan has come under fire over the past few years, it still remains the king of providing a collaborative workspace for high-performance teams working on cutting-edge of technology, communications, or services. Open offices facilitate quick and agile communication between teams and team members, are flexible enough to change seating arrangements and aesthetics for office space quickly, and their modern look and feel can help bolster morale and instill a sense that the team is working towards pushing their community and society forward towards the future.

Before you can experience the benefits of utilizing an open office plan, first you have to build it. The collaborative benching system is the building block of any good open office plan, providing a shared seating area where members of one or more teams can collaborate effortlessly on essential tasks.

In southern California, the rising star of our lines of collaborative benching solutions has been the Office Design Studio’s (ODS) X-Bench system. According to ODS, ‘X-Bench was created with advanced workplace knowledge to span a wide range of applications and to support the most dynamic work environments.’

The system was designed to provide the ultimate in flexibility to companies or workspace providers, able to be quickly moved or reconfigured to provide for an office or function’s given needs. X-Bench can be integrated with the Crossroads system of privacy paneling to provide some privacy to users during work hours or be used as a fully open concept, providing no barriers to communications and collaboration during pivotal projects.

The X-Bench system provides robust, clean, and simple wire management systems that can accommodate dedicated and stationary work stations as well as BYOD setups where users bring their own portable computers. Users can charge their devices and hook into provided data lines with little to no effort or fuss, leaving the space uncluttered and optimizing flexibility in seating arrangements.

From retro-futurist to modern-contemporary and even a play-off of classical interior office design, X-Bench has a variety of material and color configurations that make it able to match any existing or desired office aesthetic vision. Office managers can choose between fabric colors and utilize a number of different laminate patterns, ranging from clean uniform colors to a variety of different wood facades.

The open-concept office space is designed to provide the ultimate collaboration and flexibility in a fast-paced work environment. The X-Bench desking system was created to make designing an open office floor plan as easy as possible for managers. If your company is looking to create a space optimized for high-intensity, effortless teamwork in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas, get in contact with Creative Office Design today.

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