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Creative Logistics With The Quickship Cubicle Line

Drive through nearly any neighborhood during daylight hours and you’re bound to see any number of UPS, Amazon, USPS, and FedEx vehicles lumbering slowly from house to house, fulfilling the day’s deliveries. Long-distance, local, and especially last mile logistics companies are experiencing meteoric growth as consumers stay true to the shop-at-home habits they developed while under lockdown while gladly tossing out the commiserate frugality.

While the transition to a more delivery-centered consumer lifestyle was a long time coming, the pandemic caused a gradual slope to turn into a sharp curve. Recent estimates put the CAGR for the last mile logistics industry at above 10%, growing from a 2022 value of $180 billion to over $420B by 2030.

While the big players like UPS and Amazon are taking their big percentage of the pie, there are plenty of up-and-coming companies experiencing windfall profits and explosive growth. Unfortunately for them, they get to experience this growth right when supply chain bottlenecks are causing delays in everything from clothes shipments to furniture deliveries.

This was the case for one southern California logistics company, which found itself in desperate need of more manpower to handle the influx of contracts and the corresponding office space and equipment needed to house the new employees. While the larger office was easy enough to find, getting the new furnishings was a different matter entirely.

With most office equipment systems having a turnaround time measured in quarters rather than weeks or months, the logistics company was in desperate need of furniture that could be delivered quickly with a solid level of quality. To get this done, they turned to southern California’s resident office furniture acquisition experts, Creative Office Design.

Creative was able to outfit the company with 30 units of Systems In Stock’s Quickship line of office furniture with little to no delay. Quickship Cubicles in Stock’s unique system uses sleek, rectilinear designs in a variety of colors and finishes to provide companies with a high-quality, modernist furniture line with a surprising level of customization options.

Each unit of the Quickship line is constructed with steel and extruded aluminum, allowing re-use as conditions change and ensuring value retention in case the company decides to sell their units at a later date. Each unit also includes a UL/CSA-approved 8-wire, 4-circuit power system for easy power connections and in-built wiring channels for simplified wire management.

Despite the shortages hitting the industry, Creative Office Design’s stock of Quickship Cubicles is more than capable of fulfilling orders for companies in dire need of expanding their capacity for personnel. If your company is experiencing a period of record growth and you’ll need to expand your seating capacity sooner rather than later, get in touch with Creative today.

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