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Creative Office Design And ODS Work Together To Create Happier & Healthier Employees With The Adjustable Height XBench System

The effects of the 2020 pandemic will be felt for a long time to come for both the economy and the average person’s baseline health. While the coronavirus made its rounds, the isolation and lack of activity during the lockdowns caused another epidemic to get significantly worse.

A full 61% of people in the United States reported that they’d gained weight during 2020-2021, with Harvard Medical School reporting that 10% of the patients whose data they analyzed gained over 12.5 pounds and a full 2% gained over 27 pounds. The lockdown weight gain was a very real phenomenon, and many are worried about returning to an even more sedentary lifestyle as businesses start bringing employees back into the office.

Providing for the health of your employees doesn’t start and stop at enacting COVID protocols, and many businesses are looking for ways to help their staff keep active, vital, and productive. Some companies are providing onsite gyms, while others are helping pay for gym memberships and organizing clubs where employees can exercise together.

An easy and popular option for businesses looking to give employees a less static working environment is using adjustable height desks and benches to work on. While standing only burns a few more calories an hour than sitting, that small difference can add up significantly over time and it can help deter the development of blood clots in the legs.

Choosing a standing desk system to outfit your office can represent a significant challenge both functionally and aesthetically. Most systems are limited in customization options, so you’re stuck with just one or two options that don’t match the look and feel of your ideal office space.

This lack of customization is the primary problem Office Design Studio set out to tackle during the design phase of their XBench system. They wanted an adjustable height work desk that could not only accommodate almost any technical use but also look good while doing it.

The XBench system has 6 different styles of textiles, 4 different laminates and edge trim selections, 3 different types of rigid thermofoil, and dozens of different color palettes to choose from when creating your customized solution. No matter if your office aesthetic is ultra-modern or classic cool, the XBench system can be tailored to suit.

The system makes use of a central beam that provides power to the hydraulic system as well as outlets for the technology your team needs to perform. The central channel allows for careful wire management that keeps the desk space uncluttered, provides data outlets for workstations, and ensures that cabling remains safe and uncompromised while operating the hydraulics.

The XBench system provides an easy and effective method of keeping employees more active and health-conscious during working hours while providing businesses with a customized workspace solution with exceptional performance. If you’re looking for an adjustable height desk system for your workplace and are located in Los Angeles or Orange County, Creative Office Design can help you design your office’s layout to best accommodate your system and outfit you with the customized options that fit perfectly with your vision.

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