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Creative Office Design Goes Cross Country From Los Angeles to Maryland With Menemsha Solutions

Thanks to the strength of the home-grown aerospace and defense industries, the South Bay region of Los Angeles has been one of the primary drivers of the southern Californian economy since the end of the second world war. The flood of educated and highly paid workers into cities like Torrance, Hermosa, and Manhattan Beach had a domino effect on the surrounding community, turning it into one of the country’s most attractive areas for start-ups and expansions. This economic environment has birthed many national and international companies, including the venerable Menemsha Solutions, a commercial architecture firm that has provided design services for dozens of today’s biggest companies.

Menemsha’s growth has allowed it to expand far past the borders of the South Bay, with offices being opened all across the country. Its headquarters have remained here in sunny L.A., however, and it was recently determined by the company’s leadership that the office furniture was in dramatic need of a makeover. Menemsha enlisted the help of Creative Office Design to equip their architects with suitably fashionable seating arrangements that would provide both a measure of privacy and a comfortable workspace.

The Task: Matching The Old With The New At A Reasonable Price Point

While much of the office furniture in the Menemsha Solutions HQ was getting replaced, there were still some holdouts that the replacements’ color scheme would need to match. In addition, Menemsha was looking for a cost-effective solution that could be ordered, delivered, and installed quickly without disrupting the office’s workflow.

With these requirements in place, Creative’s team went to work planning out the new layout using the available options that would fit the architecture firm’s requests. Menemsha and Creative settled on a product mix of used cubicles, Office Star desking solutions, and conference tables that could be turned around quickly and fit well within the firm’s budget.

The scale of the project would involve Creative’s installation team wrapping up and removing 52 existing workstations and setting up their replacements. The old conference tables and desks were removed and replaced with their modern counterparts, which could now be hooked into the power and data lines to provide easier and more convenient workstations for the firm’s employees.

Taking The Show Onto The Road

Impressed with the speed Creative had completed the project and the ease of working with the company’s design team, Menemsha decided to extend the working relationship between the two companies. The architecture firm’s Maryland offices were in need of a similar office furniture facelift, and they wanted Creative Office Design to get it done for them.

The Maryland office project will involve replacing 32 cubicle workstations as well as refurnishing 13 private office spaces. Considering the distance involved, the Creative team will need to coordinate with Office Star’s New Jersey branch to provide desking while shipping its own cubicles and seating solutions provided by local Los Angeles suppliers.

If you’re looking for reliability, affordability, and quick turnaround times for office furniture, Creative Office Design is your company. With locations in both Los Angeles and Orange County, Creative is able to provide businesses with the high-quality office equipment they need to succeed. Contact Creative today to learn more about our products and services, and start furnishing your office with some of the biggest brands in the market.

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