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Definitive Guide to 2021 Office Furniture

It’s 2021 and, like a hibernating bear taking its first few tentative steps outside the den after a long winter, companies are beginning to reintroduce their workforce back to the office. With the pandemic far from over, managers are looking to redesign their office spaces to provide their employees with both comfort and safety during the workday.

To reduce the possibility of disease transmission, many of the popular open office design styles are being phased out in favor of a tried-and-true system of cubicles. Cubicle walls may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are effective at creating barriers and privacy between staff members. More importantly, they give employees peace of mind so they can focus on their work.

With states easing rapidly beginning to ease their restrictions, companies are looking to get back on track as quickly as possible. We believe that an Amazon-like strategy of near-instant shipping can and should be available to our customers, and cubicle manufacturers have responded with their “quickship” program offering the fastest product turnaround the industry has ever seen. To take advantage of these new options and as you reopen, with that in mind we have created a brief guide of COVID-safe office equipment that utilizes a ‘quickship’ service that gets your new furnishings to you in under two weeks.

Friant Novo Panel System

Friant Novo Adjustable desk cubicle

Friant’s Novo series cubicles utilize a fully customizable system of pre-assembled panels to provide a fast-and-easy solution to satisfy your office’s new COVID protocols. Available in a variety of materials, dimensions and styles, the system can be modified to match your office’s pre-existing aesthetic without sacrificing your worker’s safety.

The Novo series is best for those office managers who value customization and differentiation in their office layout. While most cubicle systems are limited to the typical closed-boxed configuration, Novo allows for a variety of different shapes and sizes to fit your ideal office floorplan design for your office configuration. Creative Office Design also offers pre-owned Novo workstations for projects with more strict budget restrictions.

Friant System 2 Panel System

System 2 Cubicle from Friant

This classic offering from Friant utilizes sturdy monolithic panels and uses Friant’s full collection of fabrics and laminates to provide a solid and simple system of cubicles for your office. Each panel features a honeycomb core that provides lasting durability and can be modified to include a viewing window so neighbors can communicate without needing to get around the protective barriers.

System 2 is pure simplicity – sound-absorbent some walls, a quality laminate desk, efficient and lightweight storage, all in a highly durable package that includes a limited lifetime warranty. If you are looking to just order some new office furniture and continue on with your next task, this system is perfect for you.

Systems In Stock Quickship Series

Quickship New Cubicles

A newer entrant in the office equipment industry, Systems In Stock offers a lightweight and flexible panel system that utilizes steel and aluminum flushed bases to provide industry-standard durability and stability. The quickship series does not let you customize the material or colors, but it does provide a uniform design that can match almost any modern office environment.

SIS emphasizes speed and efficiency in its products, meaning that all parts come pre-assembled and utilize standardized configurations to ensure fast and efficient installation. The company offers free space planning and specifications services with a 24-hour turnaround to ensure that the equipment will go up without a fuss once it arrives on location.

Sitwell Bravo Task Series

While Friant and SIS have the paneling, desks, and storage space covered, Sitwell is the quickship customer choice for seating arrangements. The Bravo Task series of office and conference chairs features a highly customizable and modern design that provides exceptional lumbar support and comfort to your workers.

Available in a variety of colors, from latte to sky blue, the Bravo series includes normal workspace chairs (Task), conference room seating (Conference), and stool-style chairs for elevated working environments. Each chair features enhanced lumbar support and 6 adjustable joints to accommodate any preferred seating position.

Office Space Design

The modern office is just going through another transformation and the industry adapts to the need as it always does. One of the most consistent needs our clients share is the design or reconfiguration of their new or existing office space. Workspace organization has traded in single, collaborative tables in favor of modern cubicles and more spacious, individual workspaces. Our skilled space planners can provide 2D and 3D office design to help re-design and upgrade your office furniture.

For more information about our design services, scheduling an appointment at our showroom, or pricing quotes on our wide selection of office furniture, contact us at [email protected] or call us at (714) 328-7627

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