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Friant Office Furniture Spotlight

Despite all the troubles that marked 2021 as a major stress test for the global supply chain, one company was able to rise to the challenge and consistently able to keep companies well stocked with office equipment: Friant. Friant’s lines of sleek and modern cubicle and desking solutions provide companies with high-quality and customizable equipment that can fit nearly any aesthetic.

The Friant lines each provide a unique aesthetic or function that companies can use to choose from. System 2, for example, provides a more classic cubicle design that gives users maximum flexibility when designing their office floor plan. System 2 is all about simplicity, from the customization process of each surface’s design and material to the actual assembly process.

Friant’s Novo line provides a more modern and customizable aesthetic. Utilizing a panel-based system, their segmented panels allow users to mix and match classic fabric with modern materials including markerboard, perforated metal, and glass. Each of these materials can be further customized to match the office’s look and feel through color selection and opacity.

The Interra line brings the focus toward versatility and style with a frame and tile system that uses interchangeable tiles that can be easily swapped in and out. These tiles are built for easy assemblies, so they can be built and disassembled quickly in fast-moving office environments, and come in a variety of colors and materials to conform to the office’s established aesthetic. Panels can be made up of perforated metal, frosted or clear glass, fabric, rail, and markerboard.

Each Friant line is designed with modern office needs in mind, so office designers don’t need to spend hours of effort orienting their cubicle spaces around power and data outlets. Each system contains 4 20-amp circuits that provide outlets for powering any electrical equipment workers will need. Workstations also provide data cable management options, including lay-in capacity for anywhere from 20 CAT 5/6 cables in powered panels to 100+ in non-powered panels.

With a new emphasis on keeping workers healthy, many companies have begun looking for alternative desking solutions that allow for greater user mobility during work hours. The standing desk has surged in popularity as a long day of just sitting in one position has been linked to any number of poor health outcomes. 

Friant’s entry into this sector, the My-Hite adjustable height desk, provides users with a quick and quiet method of getting out of their chairs and letting the blood flow a little more naturally. Available in both two- and three-stage models, the hydraulics are quiet enough to limit disruptions to neighbors while powerful enough to accommodate users of all heights and shapes.

Friant’s products are designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Materials are all made CARB compliant and utilize a significant amount of recycled content and can be re-sold and used for decades on end.

For southern California offices looking to utilize one or more of Friant’s lines to house their workers, Creative Office Design is the premier Friant vendor for Orange County and Los Angeles county. From the cutting edge of aerospace engineering to food production, Creative has successfully furnished a variety of aesthetics and needs using Friant office equipment.

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