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Growing Pains

As a parent, it’s amazing how quickly your child can change as they grow up. From one month to another, you’re shocked to see how their clothes and shoes no longer fit them and suddenly you need to start shopping for youth rather than toddler sizes.

Growth in the business world can happen in similar spurts. From one quarter to the next, you might have experienced a hiring spree, and your current office or layout is just no longer enough to fit everyone.

This is exactly what happened with one City of Industry company, who was faced with an office that was now bursting at the seams with their newfound growth. With new employees rolling in, they needed an entirely new office design, complete with new workstations and furniture to house their expanding workforce.

The new redesign included new flooring and paint job for the office area that created a new, consistent aesthetic throughout the building. Knowing that a mishmash of differing colors would ruin this new look, the company also needed their new furniture to match the color swatches they had selected.

Options were limited, so they turned to Creative Office Design to help them get the look just right. Creative knew just the right system for the company’s parameters.

The Novo Solution

Creative’s team knew that this was going to be a tough job. The colors the company was looking for were nonstandard, and they were going to need the job done quickly in order to get everything finished in time for the new arrivals to be properly furnished and ready to get working.

Luckily, they also knew that Friant’s Novo system was perfectly suited for the task at hand. The Novo system offered a custom color palette as an option for their customers, which means that their furniture could be made to match the office’s preferences.

Creative worked together with the growing company to design the new office equipment’s layout within the available space and designate a color scheme for Friant to follow. Now came the tricky part: getting the furniture finished and delivered in time.

As Friant fabricated the necessary workstation parts, Creative began looking for seating that would conform to the office’s aesthetic and work with the stations themselves. They eventually settled on a unique and rather space age-looking solution: pure white leather swivel chairs. The light earth tones of the walls, flooring, and fabric for the cubicle walls were complimented perfectly with a shock of white.

With the office painted, new flooring put in, chairs selected and all the relevant equipment ready to go, it all now depended on Friant to get the workstations done. With professional determination, Friant was able to get the order out well within the time boundaries, and the company was off to the races.

With the approved office design schematics in hand, Creative’s team was able to quickly get the new equipment into place in the building and get to building. The workstations came up, desks were installed, and seats were provided for each, letting the IT team begin their work in setting each station up for their new occupants.

The new office now had a well-furnished office area, complete with private offices, conference room, break rooms, and reception space. With the space now perfectly able to accommodate the new hires, the company could get back to focusing on the work that really mattered.

Until the next growth spurt, anyway.

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