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How To Create An Employee-Centered Office Design

While much of the buzz today is about the great founders of the juggernaut companies that drive our everyday lives, the real secret to their success is that it requires a lot of talented people to do their work well and efficiently for years on end. In order for your workers to be at their best day after day, they need an office environment that doesn’t just provide comfort but also gives them something to look forward to.

This is the idea behind employee-centric office design, a guiding principle for creating healthy and human-optimizing spaces where workers can thrive during their many hours in the office. For a company looking to create an employee-centric design, its focus should be equally divided between layout, lighting, and equipment.

One of the cornerstones of employee-centric design is utilizing ergonomic office equipment that limits the stress put on the body. Utilizing office equipment that supports the physical well-being of the team if you expect them to take the company to the next level. This means investing in furniture and equipment that support the body during the long hours indoors.

Ergonomic equipment includes items like chairs that provide proper back support, adjustable height desks to suit different heights and postures, and keyboard trays designed to minimize wrist strain. By reducing physical discomfort, these elements keep employees focused and productive for longer periods and help reduce the instances of long-term health impacts.

Outside of the equipment you provide to your employees, the types of spaces made available to them can also make a significant difference to their physical and mental well-being. A popular trend in office design towards this end is the inclusion of ‘breakout spaces’ interspersed throughout the office space.

Breakout spaces are essentially informal meeting and collaboration spaces where two or more people can quickly and easily move for a quick talk or discussion. They also offer a welcome alternative space for working rather than sitting at a desk for the entire day. Breakouts take many forms, with some companies choosing a more comfortable lounge-like setting and others utilizing high-top tables and chairs to save space and create a more professional atmosphere. 

Breakout spaces serve a dual purpose. In addition to providing workers with a small retreat from their usual workspace, they also help foster an atmosphere of cooperation and open communication, letting coworkers intermingle easily and without artificial barriers provided by a cubicle or office wall.

Balancing the natural with the artificial is also an often overlooked aspect of designing your office with real, breathing human beings in mind. Incorporating aspects like natural lighting in addition to indoor plants, water features, and wood or stone textures can bring a welcome reprieve from the usual muted colors and harsh fluorescent lighting.

However, too much of a good thing can also be distracting, which means maintaining that balance is essential for retaining the advantages of a worker-focused design scheme. If you’re having trouble maintaining that balance, Creative Office Design provides professional design services in addition to equipping you with everything you need for your remodeled office space.

An employee-centric design allows your workers to thrive in their workplace rather than just go through the motions, making it an investment in the future rather than just another expenditure. For those looking to make an investment in the positive future of their company, Creative Office Design is here to provide you with everything you need.

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