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Interstate Personnel Services Gets Creative With Office Furniture In Move To Torrance

Read a trade publication in almost any field and you’ll see the same issue again and again: a major shortage of workers and personnel. From staffing your local Dairy Queen to finding enough qualified engineers to keep municipal water services running, everyone is desperate to find enough workers to keep the lights on.

In one industry, this worker shortage has turned into an extremely lucrative opportunity: recruiter and staffing agencies. As more and more industries are hit by a shortage of talented employees, they turn to companies like Interstate Personnel Services to help shore up their numbers.

As the orders for their recruiting services began piling up, Interstate realized that it had a problem of its own: it needed more recruiters to meet growing demand. Unfortunately, their current offices didn’t have the capacity to house the new recruits – they’d need a larger office space.

The crew found a new space capable of handling their swelling ranks in the city of Torrance, a part of the Los Angeles Metro just north of Long Beach. Determined to make the space home, Interstate decided to start fresh and update its office equipment rather than bring the leftovers from the old office.

The company needed a highly modular system that was capable of handling the growing influx of workers coming into the office, as well as someone with the interior design knowledge to help them take full advantage of the newly available space. To kill two birds with one stone, Interstate hired the services of Creative Office Design, who had just the fix they needed to get their company situated in their new location.

Prior to the move, Creative’s interior design team took detailed measurements of the interior of the building and began drawing out plans for how to best arrange the furniture to accomplish both objectives. After a brief consultation on the different options available, the Interstate management team decided to go with the Pacific Coast Elements series for their desking solutions, which would allow them to maintain maximum flexibility and customizability.

While Interstate decided to go with a used option for the common area’s cubicles to save on costs and turnaround time, they were still able to customize the color and material to match the color scheme and decor of the new office space. Individual desks would be equipped with modular designs using the Pacific Coast furniture line, so they could be fully set up or broken down and stored based on the company’s needs. This provided Interstate with the kind of rapid adaptability it needed to fully capitalize on the rapid rate of growth in the industry.

With the furniture selected, the design team completed plans for an office seating space that could not just accommodate the current slate of workers but also quickly expand to house further hires. The design stage complete, Creative moved to implementation. Furniture sets were shipped within the week, and the moving team quickly got everything into place and ready to receive their new owners.

Interstate had gone from recognizing the need to move to a larger space to completing that move in record time, and they were thankful for the team at Creative Office Design for making that possible. If your company finds itself needing to move locations quickly and needs new furniture to help house your workers, Creative can provide you with a customized solution that fits easily within your timeframe.

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