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Morgan Law Group’s Cross-Country Expansion To El Segundo

Despite shaky economic conditions, many businesses are still flourishing and taking steps to expand their operations. Here in southern California, communities like Irvine and the southern reaches of L.A. are opening up massive new office complexes to accommodate the surge of businesses moving into town or outgrowing their original space.

It’s not just homegrown, California-native companies that are moving in – many companies are taking advantage of the enormous and growing talent pool available in the area and opening up new satellite branches to provide a new market with their services. This was the case for Morgan Law Group, a Florida-based law firm specializing in representing insurance claimants. 

Taking a look at the landscape, the company saw the potential in both personnel and clientele here in southern California and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. They quickly found the perfect place in El Segundo to set up shop and began making the necessary preparations to get the ball rolling.

The first step was ensuring the new personnel and clientele would actually have a place to sit once they showed up to work! Not knowing the area well, they nonetheless managed to find Creative Office Design through some online research and the two were off to the races.

With the relatively limited space available in the new business suite, the seating arrangements would need to be compact while still providing workers optimal comfort and storage space. With these parameters in mind, Creative developed plans to utilize the Pacific Coast Elements series for the open office floor. The Elements series offers compact comfort in addition to customizable utility options, including inbuilt power and data connections and plenty of storage.

A more elegant solution was needed for the private offices meant for customer comfort. With its luxurious, solid hardwood tabletops, the Office Star series would provide both a higher-class aesthetic and utility to the attorneys during client meetings. The desks feature cable organization panels that keep the desktop clutter-free and enhance accessibility for the user.

Something a bit more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing would be required on the client’s end. Creative got in contact with a local seating manufacturer from Santa Fe Springs, OCI Seating, to arrange some appropriate options for the reception and private offices. OCI’s specialty is fabricating high-quality modern-style seating, which would fit the office’s design aesthetic while providing prospective and current clients with a comfy place to rest and discuss their business.

With the paralegals and office workers comfortably arranged in their Elements series desks, the attorneys arranging their diplomas over their Office Star desks, and clients comfortably cooling their heels in the reception area in the new OCI seating, the office was officially open for business. If your company needs new furniture solutions while opening a new branch or expanding to a bigger office space, get in touch with Creative Office Design. We don’t just provide some of the most competitively priced options on the market, we help you design your space to its fullest potential.

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