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Motivational Fulfillment Service’s Cross-Town Move in Chino

Like most of southern California, Chino got its start as an agricultural community, serving as a trading hub that could connect farmers and ranchers from Santa Ana, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties to their customers across the country. Around the mid-century, the rapid development of Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs required many of the border counties to reorient themselves towards providing logistical support for the city’s port. With its access to the 60, 71, and 91 freeways and the Southern California Logistics Airport popping up nearby, Chino was perfectly positioned to become a major logistics hub to serve the metro.

This is the story of how companies like Motivational Fulfillment Services got their start, with a small warehouse situated amid the dairy farms of central Chino. The family-run business opened its doors way back in 1977, and the company has managed to grow to the point where it was recently able to move to a brand new 2 million square feet facility that dwarfs the surrounding farmland.

Logistics services aren’t all forklifts and hard hats, however. The company’s office staff needed to grow alongside the size of the facility to help direct the increased flow of goods. This meant they needed new office furnishings to provide a comfortable workspace for the new workers.

To help with both the move and acquiring the needed office equipment, Motivational turned to Los Angeles local company Creative Office Design. The new equipment would be added to their extent set, which meant the colors needed to blend enough to avoid a noticeable clash.

After going over their options, Motivational selected a line of refurbished, used cubicles for their incoming crew. The refurbished cubicles provided a double advantage: they came at a lower cost than their newer counterparts and they could be shipped out almost immediately. The used set also fit the existing color scheme almost exactly, which meant it was the perfect option for the logistics company.

Creative’s installation team had two primary tasks. With the addition of the new facility, Motivational needed to shift the company’s existing office furniture around to help offset the change in personnel. Creative’s team would assist in packing up and moving the older sets, then help the move into the newer warehouse.

After the interior design had been approved by Motivational representatives, the installation team carefully wrapped up the older cubicles and replaced them with the newer models in their planned positions. Once completed, they quickly shipped the existing units to their new homes.

As seen in the case of Motivational Fulfillment Services, Creative’s design services do not stop at supplying customers with top-notch office furniture. If your office needs interior design services, office furniture relocations, moving project management, or complete refurnishing, contact Creative Office Design today.

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