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Moving Quickly

Sometimes, things move faster than anticipated in the business world. For example – as the end of your lease comes up, leadership might decide at the last second that it is time to move rather than renew. Suddenly, your entire office needs to get set to move to a new building located two towns over and you only have a few weeks to make the move and make sure business is not affected in the meantime.

This means you’re going to need new furnishings to ensure your employees can continue working. Unfortunately, with the months-long delays caused by numerous disruptions to the global supply chain, your options are limited, and you need to make a decision – fast.

Something similar happened to a southern California company by the name of Truezero. The company decided to purchase a new building and had decided that rather than transport their old furniture, they were going with something totally new.

Quickfix Meets Quickship

Truezero approached Creative Office Design with this situation and added another stipulation: they needed the office fully operational within two weeks and wanted their workers to have customizable workspaces. That meant desks that could accommodate a variety of body sizes, sitting styles and provide stand up options for those who disliked long periods of sitting.

The two-week time period meant that the company needed a quickship option – in-stock items that could be readily transported quickly and efficiently. Typically, in-stock items lack the customizability that Truezero was looking for, but luckily OfficeStar’s quickship line, Systems In Stock (SIS), provided everything the company was looking for and more.

Creative’s team started immediately drawing up plans for how to best lay out the equipment in the new office, giving each worker as much room and natural light as possible. Fitting almost 20 workstations in an open-concept office space is surprisingly difficult given the sparsity of electrical outlets and the limitations of the IT infrastructure.

Within 8 days, they were able to furnish the new office with 19 fully customizable SIS workstations – including paneling, desks, electrical equipment, and cabinetry. Creative, aware of Truezero’s concern for the comfort and well-being of their employees, also included seating for the workstations that provided maximal lumbar support and were fully adjustable to accommodate any style of sitting.

The In-Stock Option

Truezero’s new office was up and running well within the two-week period they had given themselves to make the move, creating a seamless transition from one space to another in which they could easily grow to accommodate the new business that was quickly coming in. Had they gone with a more typical office furnishing set, it’s likely they would have either delayed the move by months or needed to spend valuable cash to move all of the old furniture over to the new building during the meantime.

In-stock quickship items are now and for the foreseeable future the most viable option for companies looking to either move or expand in their existing space due to supply crunches being experienced all over the nation. OfficeStar’s SIS line, luckily, provides companies with such a high degree of flexibility, quality, and customizability that is rare enough for in-stock lines of office furniture that it could easily match many custom-made orders.

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