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Office Furniture Flexibility Needs For High Growth Cities And Companies

Irvine is no stranger to large companies calling the city home. High-profile companies including Blizzard, Mazda, Blackberry, Yardhouse, and Rivian all have parked their headquarters in Orange County’s central city, and more have significant presences popping up all over town.

Despite humble beginnings as a sleepy suburb to Los Angeles home to a few small smatterings of homes nestled between the expanses of orange groves and strawberry fields, Irvine has grown leaps and bounds over the last twenty years in both population and economic importance. More than doubling its population in that time frame, the city has worked diligently to ensure that its new arrivals would be able to find plenty of well-paying work once settled into their skyrocketing properties.

Irvine has added hundreds of acres of business and office space to accommodate the huge number of businesses surging into the area hoping to capitalize on a highly educated workforce. As the office spaces open up to tenants, many are finding that it’s more difficult than usual to find the office furnishings they need to get their employees situated and their businesses up and running.

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the state, the rate of new businesses opening up shop and requiring equipment has created a local surge in demand. With lingering supply chain issues still cropping up after the 2021 shipping logjam and even more problems coming down the pipeline due to the recent port closures all along the Chinese coastline, the local spike is causing many businesses to be looking down the barrel at turnaround times measured in quite a few months rather than weeks.

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What’s needed for the moment is ready-made systems that can be quickly and easily customized to fit the needs of a customer and sent out the door. The Novo System, one of the top-selling office furnishing solutions in the country, provides businesses with exactly that.

The Novo System combines the best of both monolithic and segmented cubicle solutions, creating a highly flexible yet durable offering that can be scaled to fit nearly any environment. Novo remains one of the best performing brands in office furnishings, and their high level of interoperability allows for quick shipping options all over the southland, despite shortages affecting most other companies and systems. This makes the system ideal for companies opening their new Irvine offices and looking to find a complete solution for their office equipment needs.

Creative Office Design, working out of their Irvine office, has used the Novo system extensively for its clients ever since offices began opening back up during the pandemic. Most recently, it provided a local broadcasting company with an additional 18 Novo workstations to accommodate a flush of new workers in the company. Thanks to the system’s flexibility and interoperability, the broadcaster didn’t need to spend the additional cash to adopt an entirely new furnishing set; the additions were able to be quickly and easily added to the existing equipment.

If you’re looking to expand your payroll and need additional seating or are opening up a new office in the Irvine area and need furnishings for your new employees, the Novo system is the perfect solution. Give Creative Office Design a call and they’ll help you customize your order to fit the specific needs of your company and employees.

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