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Santa Monica Project Spotlight: Danny Wimmer Presents

Ever since the heady days of the 1960’s, music festivals have been a mainstay of American youth culture. Rock concerts and multi-day festivals have sporadically popped up all over the country, providing a central hub for music lovers of all stripes.

With electronic music gaining prominence after the turn of the century, the number and scale of festivals have increased tremendously. Millions of music lovers crowd into the dozens of international festival scene, and most are hungry for more.

This explains the success of companies like Danny Wimmer Presents, a music festival and promotion company based here in sunny southern California. The company was experiencing such tremendous success that their quickly swelling ranks were crowding them out of their home office.

To help soothe their growing pains and to help streamline their internal operations, the company relocated to a larger office space on Santa Monica Blvd in L.A. Once the move had been decided, the company recognized that they’d need a whole new set of office equipment to keep the space looking unified and to provide plenty of workstations to the new employees.

Danny Wimmer’s office team, unaccustomed to outfitting such a large office space, began looking for outside help to provide an efficient design layout and the necessary equipment. With Creative Office Design’s comprehensive catalog of office furniture and customized design services, they were determined to be the perfect fit.

It was decided that the process would be started from scratch. The two teams met at Creative’s showroom to go over Danny Wimmer’s equipment needs and the priorities that were needed in the design.

Once the initial discussions had been taken care of, Creative’s design team obtained the DWG CAD file to begin the design process. The team would need to create a layout that emphasized efficiency without sacrificing the human element, providing employees with ample space to collaborate and focus.

In addition to the main floor being comprised of an associate bullpen, the design would need to accommodate quite a few private offices. This included executive private offices, dual manager offices, and an executive assistant area.

The design went back and forth between teams, with small adjustments being requested and details being added. Once the design was finally approved, the teams went to work collaborating on the desired aesthetic for the new equipment.

The new furniture was comprised of the Crossroads Systems solutions, which provide a wide range of customizable options for color, material, and composition. The teams flipped through the available options, creating a tailored mix that would match both the new office’s extant design and the desired aesthetic for the interior.

With the equipment picked out and the design in place, all that was left was for Creative’s logistics team to deliver and install the new furniture. Within a few weeks, the office was fully equipped and ready to house Wimmer’s expanded roster.

This project was the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership between Creative and Danny Wimmer Presents. As the company expanded further in the future, they would always fall back on utilizing Creative’s team to help redesign the space and equip the new arrivals.

If your company is beginning to outgrow its old office and is looking for help designing and equipping a new space, there is no better company to call than Creative Office Design. Their comprehensive catalog and deeply experienced design staff will have your new employees hit the ground running.

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