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The Hidden Benefits Of Adjustable Height Desking Systems

Much has been said about the health benefits of adjustable height desks: sitting for extended periods can contribute to the development of health clots and other complications, so standing desks can therefore contribute to healthier outcomes.  What is missing from this discussion is the positive benefits these desks directly contribute to the workforce: standing actually by its very nature promotes a more concentrated and productive state of mind. 

The mere presence of an adjustable desk may actually be enough to make a difference in terms of productivity and employee retention outcomes. When employees see that their employers have invested in their health and comfort, it sends a clear message: “We care about you.” Even if employees never really utilize the adjustable height settings, the fact that they have the option to do so can provide significant psychological benefits.

By merely giving the option to employees, the office manager can boost morale and instill a sense of belonging. Employees who believe their company values their well-being are more likely to be motivated, show improved job performance, and stay loyal to the organization. In the fiercely competitive corporate world, retention can be greatly influenced by these kinds of thoughtful considerations that represent a relatively low cost/high reward investment.

Beyond perception, there are real and tangible benefits to standing desks that go beyond just keeping the workforce slightly more healthy. Research has hinted at the benefits of standing while working, suggesting a potential increase in concentration and productivity. Adjustable height desks allow employees to switch between sitting and standing, giving them the flexibility to choose a posture that best suits the task at hand or simply to change positions periodically to maintain energy and focus. High performers, especially, can leverage this to optimize their workflow and drive better outcomes.

Adjustable height desks allow for a myriad of seating arrangements that benefit health outcomes while simultaneously allowing employees to utilize their desk space in ways that can benefit their workflow in unique and unexpected ways. Want to switch to a medicine ball for an hour to engage your core? Or how about integrating an under-desk treadmill for a walking brainstorming session? The possibilities are endless, and as employees explore these options, they’re likely to experience health benefits and a boost in creative thinking.

Customization doesn’t stop at the ways in which employees utilize their desks – with systems like the ODS Lift adjustable height desking solution, companies can work with suppliers like Creative Office Design to customize their furniture selection to blend with an existing or planned office aesthetic. The Lift system comes in a variety of colors and materials, which means your office can lean into the modern, space-age, or industrial aesthetic that is designed to impart an impression on employees and guests alike.

Beyond aesthetics, the Lift system provides data and power connectors and plenty of wire management options to ensure a clean and well-kept working environment. The desks have nearly unlimited integration options, allowing employees to utilize double or triple monitor setups in different orientations depending on the needs of the individual as well as a number of different storage and technological accessory options to help facilitate an optimized workflow.

Creative Office Design has helped companies all over southern California design and furnish their office spaces. From medical manufacturers working to create tomorrow’s wonder drug, to logistics companies looking for a better way to bring you today’s lunch, Creative has designed and equipped office spaces for nearly every industry and use case. If you’re looking to redesign your office space, or are just in need of new office furniture, don’t hesitate. Call today!

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