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Varda Space Industries Engineers Success With The ODS XBench

After decades of relative dormancy, the development of reusable rocket boosters has once again opened the door to the infinite possibilities provided by space exploration. While colonization of foreign planets may still be a ways off, there are many exciting developments that can be accomplished right in our own backyard that promise to revolutionize the world.

One of the most interesting possibilities opened up is the possibility of orbital manufacturing facilities. These facilities would be able to produce items that are impossible to make on Earth – more advanced fiber optics, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors – that can be transported back home and used to significantly improve the lives of those of us still planet-bound.

One of the companies on the bleeding edge of making this futuristic concept a reality is Varda Space Industries, a Torrance-based company composed of an all-star team of execs from some of the biggest aerospace companies in the world and the top-notch engineers they brought on to the team. The company’s work has proven so promising that they’ve managed to acquire upwards of $53 million in capital investment in recent months.

With the funding for their futuristic tech came some age-old problems – the team is expanding fast, and in order to house everyone, the company needed to move to a much larger facility. With the move came the need to provide adequate work stations that would give the engineers the tools they need to make sci-fi into reality.

The guys at Varda turned to L.A. local Creative Office Design to provide the materials they needed and help design the new building to give it the space age look and energy they were looking for. Creative, no stranger to tech firms looking to build a futuristic look, knew the perfect system for the job: the ODS XBench.

The ODS XBench system utilizes it’s unique ODS Lift Tables that the company describes as “the most functional, cool-looking and cost-effective solution” for those companies looking to create that ‘cutting edge’ tech aesthetic. The Lift Tables utilize dual motors and a three-stage hydraulic system that provides a smooth and quiet lift for workspaces, essential for quiet environments where engineers are hard at work.

For each workstation, creative included dual adjustable monitor mounting arms for maximum viewing efficiency and a variety of fabric and polymer privacy screens for that added bit of privacy. For cable management, each station was fashioned with a power beam that utilized a number of channels and moveable metallic panels that could provide easy access to needed power and data plugs while providing a clean, streamlined look.

To finish off the furnishings, the engineers needed seating arrangements that would be ergonomic, yet still conform to the aesthetic of the office. The ODS Presa Chair provided a solution for both considerations – the sleek design provides ideal support for the user’s back while utilizing fabrics that could come in a variety of colors to keep color schemes consistent.

With the equipment selected and the design approved, Varda was ready to start helping humanity reach the next stage towards our destiny in the heavens! If you’re ready to launch your company into a bigger and brighter future but need the right office furniture to do it, get in contact with Creative Office Design.

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