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Why Rush Orders And Quickship Options For Office Furniture Can Save Or Even Help Expand Your Business

One often overlooked aspect of companies effectively responding to unexpected emergencies and crises with agility is the ability to rush order office furniture. While companies can usually project quarters or years in advance to replace or expand their current collection, every so often, an emergency develops or an opportunity emerges that can necessitate the quick delivery of office equipment.

Even with the most detailed planning, Covid has shown us that unforeseen errors or emergencies can disrupt even the best-laid plans. Whether it’s a sudden change in project requirements, a workplace accident that causes damage to much of the existing, or a supplier issue, the result can leave businesses scrambling for alternatives. Rush ordering office furniture can be a major lifesaver in these situations, offering a solution to bridge the gap and ensure your business continues operating with minimal downtime. By having the option to quickship cubicles and other office furniture, companies can avoid costly disruptions to their day-to-day operations.

That isn’t to say that the need for rush orders always comes from negative events. Unexpected opportunities can arise, presenting a chance for rapid expansion – as long as you can hire and house the necessary talent quickly. In these circumstances, being able to order and install the equipment within a few short weeks becomes critical to capitalizing on these opportunities. Rush ordering office furniture allows you to seize the moment, seating all the new hires and providing a comfortable working environment.

The ability to rush order office furniture is particularly beneficial for startups and small businesses, whose initial limited resources and tight budgets can change quickly. Investing in office furniture months or years in advance when the business can take a sudden turn in the space of a single week is simply not possible. Quickship services allow startups to keep themselves liquid and agile when it matters, conserving costs during the initial stages while having the option to expand quickly once they hit their big break.

With all that being said, finding an office furniture supplier that provides a quickship option is rare, at best. Supplier turnaround times are still pushing at least half a year or more even after the supply chain crunch, which means only a select few options exist for companies experiencing an emergency need for supplies.

For the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, Creative Office Design remains the premier option for quickship cubicles, desking, and seating solutions. Creative’s Cubicles In Stock system provides companies in a hurry with modern, modular cubicles that can be customized to fit almost any office’s needs while providing workers with both power and data cabling solutions. While the options for aesthetic customization are more limited in the quickship line, companies can choose from a variety of material and finish options that best suit their office’s current or future look. Once the order is in place, companies can expect delivery and installation of their new equipment in as little as a week, depending on their needs and geographic location.

If your company has unexpectedly found itself in dire need of new furniture, there’s no need to expend thousands of dollars extra on expedited manufacturing and cross-ocean shipping costs. Creative Office Design’s leadership team noted expanding turnaround times in the industry and built their inventory to accommodate clients in just such an emergency. Call today!

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